Prices and Policies

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Prices and Polices: 
  • While doodles can be allergy friendly, sometimes that does not happen.  For  allergy suffers we recommend f1b's (doodle x poodle).  We cannot guarantee any dog to be allergy free. No Breeder can.  We are not able to offer visits to test if you have an allergic reaction.
  • The prices of our puppies may vary between $950 - $1,500 depending on their generation and coat coloring. 
  • To place a hold on a puppy a $300.000 nonrefundable deposit is required. If something by chance were to happen to the puppy before the agreed on pick up date, we will refund your money or that money can be used towards another puppy.
  • We accept Cash,  or Pay-Pal for the deposit,  But we only accept cash for any remaining balance owed at time pickup/drop off or whatever you arrange. 
  • We cannot make guarantees on the size your puppy will become.  We will give you the size of our dam and stud, your puppy could fall anywhere in that range. 

           The normal size for a medium (formerly "mini") Goldendoodle is 16"-19" (from the shoulder to                   the paw) with no correlation between height and sex of the medium Goldendoodle. Weight range tends           to be 30-50 pounds. Its parents would be a standard x a mini poodle. 

          The normal size for a Standard Female Goldendoodle is 19" - 23" (from the shoulder to the paw), and         20" - 25" (from the shoulder to the paw) for Standard Male Goldendoodle. Weight range tends to be 50-         85 pounds. Its parents would be a standard x a standard.